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We produce PCB's and assembled components as Engineering Manufacturing Services (EMS), custom machines and production lines also for electronic systems with pre-assembled components.

PTH – MLB Multi-Layer Board

  • Double Side
  • Double Side (fine line)
  • MLB 1-12 Layers
  • MLB with blind vias
  • MLB with Buried vias
  • Double Side and MLB with carbon paste resistors
  • Double Side and MLB with Controlled Impedance
  • High Frequency PCB

Base Material Standard High TG High CTI

  • CEM3
  • FR4
  • Ceramic
  • High frequency

Thickness of base material and copper on demand

Cooper Finishing

  • OSP
  • Chemical Tin
  • Chemical Silver
  • Chemical Ni/Au
  • Chemical Ni/pd/Au
  • Electrolytic Tin
  • Electrolytic Ni/Au
  • HASL
  • Carbon Paste

Contact us


Via Della Stazione, 50

60022 Castelfidardo (AN) ITALY

Phone: +39 071 781393

Fax: +39 071 781853

E-Mail: sales@cisel.it

YouTube: Youtube.com/ciselsrl


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