Cisel srl, a leading company specialised in the processing and production of high-technology pcb, with the highest quality standards.

During our years of activity , we have developed a wide know-how which allows us to realize pcb of any type

Our pcb are manufactured with standard techniques and materials, although we are always updated to the technology evolution, which is leading the market towards the PCB's miniaturization and the use of direct image technologies.

Cisel installed the first production line for flexible printed circuit boards in 1984. To date, with its production lines, the company is a European leader in the production of this technology.

Starflex technology is the combination of rigid FR4 materials and integrated Pi flexible materials. The use of materials of the highest quality, as well as highly innovative production techniques, is required.

Cisel has studied and developed its own material called "Thermal E" which represents a valid alternative to existing products in terms of competitiveness and performance.


For the Electro mobility, there will be many challenges in the near future, and Cisel is ready to support this epochal change.

Thanks to years of experience and high technological know-how Cisel is able to assume a leading role in the “electric revolution” in progress.

The current market demand is increasingly large FLEX PCB for the interconnections for the battery pack.

These flex pcb have also the function of the temperature monitoring inside battery pack.


Temperature is a very important factor in electronics.

Thermal management becomes a crucial point in the functionality of devices.

Cisel has been manufacturing flexible heaters for years, made from Pi-Pen-Pet-PP raw materials, tracks can be made with conductive paste and/or metal conductors such as copper-aluminium-constantan.

Flexible printed circuits board in continuous reel web

Cisel has installed lines dedicated for the production of flexible printed circuit board in continuous reel web.

We have the ability to supply reel, single and double side, with plated through holes, in different widths and lengths.

The solution of flex pcb in continuous module is in great demand in lighting sector for the supply of LED strips.

It can also be used in other applications where high volume productions are required.


Cisel, an Italian company founded in 1976, is a leader in the design and production of quality and high-tech pcb.

During its 40 years of experience, the company has developed a wide know-how.

Thanks to its great experience, it is able to produce printed circuits of any type:  single side and double side pcb plated through holes - multy layer pcb- metal core pcb - flexible pcb e rigid-flex pcb.

Our products are widely employed in many sectors, such as automotive, white goods, lighting, industrial, medical and banking.


The constant commitment in the production of the most advanced printed circuits has enabled the company to become the ideal reference supplier for a huge number of companies in various markets.


    Airbag circuits, brake control systems, parking sensors, power steering


    Pcb for extractor hoods, electronics for coffee machines, programs for washing machines


    Pcb for industrial led lamps, led street lamps, led spotlights, shop lighting, led strips


    PCB for currency exchange management, collection management, debit cards, cash desk


    Circuit boards for inverters, flat connection of solar cells, panel cleaning systems


    Magnetic resonance circuits, drug dosage systems, sterilization systems


Since 1976 Cisel has been manufacturing quality pcb.
The high level of technical knowledge makes it an ideal partner, able to match our customers expetations in terms of quality.

Customer satisfaction

Cisel's retail approach always offers the best solutions to its customers thanks to its innovative research and development work. Our team is always ready to match the customers' requests, identifying the most suitable products.

The synergies between the company and its customers create solid business partnerships,  that have in common: the continuous research, the design, the engineering, up to the delivery of the final product.


Cisel gives a high value to individuals who are carefully recruited by offering opportunities for professional growth through training programs and workshops.

This type of investment allows our company to count on professionals able to work together, achieve goals and be part of a successful team.

Quality and competence

Cisel is focused on research and development, technological innovation and continuous training of its highly specialized team.

Cisel offers its customers the most advanced technology and is the ideal partner for those companies that want to overcome competition based on high quality and reliability of their products.