plated through holes

Rigid pcb, single and double-sided, multilayer and plated through holes, are made using standard techniques and materials.

Cisel is always updated to the technological evolution, which is now oriented towards the miniaturization of the PCBs and the consequent development of direct-image technologies.

Cisel has accepted this new challenge and has realized results and satisfactions in all the sectors where it operates.

double side pcb
single side pcb
double side circuit boards

Single side, double side and MLB pcb - Technical details


  • Single Side
  • Single Side S.C.O. (Silver Cross Over)
  • Single Side Carbon Paste Resistors
  • Single Side Carbon Paste Sliding Contact
  • Double Side
  • Double Side PTH (Plated Through Hole)
  • Double Side (fine line)
  • Double Side and MLB with carbon paste resistors
  • Double Side and MLB with Controlled Impedance
  • MLB 2-8 Layers
  • High Frequency PCB

Base Material Standard High TG High CTI

  • CEM1 – CEM3
  • FR4
  • Ceramic
  • High frequency

Thickness of base material and copper on demand

Cooper Finishing

  • OSP
  • Chemical Tin
  • Chemical Silver
  • Chemical Ni/Au
  • Chemical Ni/pd/Au
  • Electrolytic Tin
  • Electrolytic Ni/Au
  • HASL
  • Carbon Paste