Starflex technology consists in the combination of rigid FR4 materials and Pi flexible, integrated together. A fundamental element for the realization of the starflex technology is the use of very high quality materials, as well as highly innovative production techniques.

Cisel, for many years, has provided these high technology products, up to 6/8 layers..

The sectors where they are most used are the medical, aerospace and automotive sectors..

pcb rigido flessibili
starflex pcb
circuiti stampati rigido flessibili

Rigid-flex pcb - Technical details


  • Starflex
  • Single side with FR4 reinforcement
  • Double Side
  • MLB 4-8 Layers

Reinforcements in various materials and thicknesses

Base Material ( Acrylic – Adhesive less)

  • Pi
  • Rigid (FR4 - Aluminium)

Thickness of flexible and rigid materials on request

Copper Finishing

  • OSP
  • Chemical Tin
  • Chemical Silver
  • Chemical Ni/Au
  • Chemical Ni/pd/Au