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Legalty Rating CISEL srl

It is our infinite pleasure and satisfaction to communicate that Cisel srl has achieved a high score (two stars out of a maximum obtainable three) relating to the legality rating and has been registered in the public list of companies with legality rating by the AGCM, the Competition and Market Authority.

This assessment further distinguishes our company from its competitors and strengthens our role as a qualified partner for companies which aim to combine business and ethics.

The two stars are an indication of transparency, legality, administrative and fiscal correctness that reassures our customers and suppliers.

It means that our company is perfectly compliant also in respect of health and safety in the workplace and towards its employees and collaborators.

It means that we are committed to managing our business fairly because we believe in the value of legality and we see it a preliminary and preparatory to all our services and business activities.

Our next goal will be to obtain the three stars, further strengthening the image of Cisel srl as a company careful to the issues of legality and founding ethical values.